The Tools That Help Me Make More Money in Less Time in My Digital Product Business

I used to be the person that didn’t want to pay for anything.

At all.

I wanted to figure out how to do it all for free.

Cheap? Maybe. Broke? Probably.

But I realized as I started to make money that a lot of the things I was doing could be easier and faster if I started using some tools.

Easier & faster = more time and energy for me to spend on things that would help me make MORE money.

So I started implementing some tools and services when I was able to.

Of course I vetted each one before I slapped down my credit card, because I wasn’t about to waste my money on tools that didn’t work for me.

Before I Get to the List…

I want to say this. Don’t spend money on tools until you are ready and able to. A lot of the tools below have a free tier you can start with.

Before I decide to spend money on something, I ask myself, 1. Am I currently making more money per month than this costs? And 2. In what way will this lead to me making more money?  

So for instance, I use Descript as a video editor.

It makes editing long form video a million times easier for me because it transcribes your video so that you edit the text instead of editing clips. (It also takes out all of my “ums” in one click which is a game changer for me since I say um constantly).

Knowing that the video is going to be easy to edit means that I will be more likely to record long form videos for YouTube. Recording long form videos for YouTube helps me build my audience. Building my audience leads to more money.

And I make enough to cover the $30 a month :-). So I am happy to spend money on that.

So with that in mind, here are the things I love and recommend.

(Yes, there are a bunch of affiliate links coming at you. If you click one and make a purchase, I may receive a commission).

The List of My Favorite Tools for My Digital Product Business

The Essentials

  1. ConvertKit:
    • Use-case: Email Marketing & Digital Product Selling
    • Description: ConvertKit helps in automating your email service and makes setting up your first digital product a breeze.
    • Pricing: Free tier for less than 1,000 email subscribers. $29 after you reach 1,000 subscribers and increases incrementally as your list grows.
  2. ChatGPT:
    • Use-case: Content Creation, Idea Generation, Everything you can probably imagine pretty much
    • Description: With ChatGPT, you can save time and effort in content creation, idea generation, and pretty much anything else you can think of.
    • Price: Free tier or $20 a month for the premium plan.

The Nice To Haves

    • Use-case: Content Repurposing
    • Description: Easily convert and distribute your content across platforms like TikTok and YouTube.
    • Price: 14-Day Free Trial, $20.75 monthly if you pay for a year upfront.
  2. Descript:
    • Use-case: Video Editing the easy way.
    • Description: Edit long-form videos with ease, giving them a polished, professional finish.
    • Price: Free tier with some limitations, $30 a month for Pro version.
  3. SendOwl:
    • Use-case: Checkout Solution
    • Description: A streamlined checkout solution for my higher-priced offers that I don’t set up to sell with ConvertKit.
    • Price: Starter: 3 Free months then $9/month + 5% fee per transaction. Growth: $15/month + $.33 fee per transaction. Pro: $39/month + $.17 fee per transaction.
  4. Vimeo:
    • Use-case: Video Hosting & Screen Recording
    • Description: A platform for hosting videos and screen recordings with high-quality playback.
    • Price: $12/month for 5GB a week, $20/month for 20GB a week
  5. Tango:
    • Use-case: Creating Tech Tutorials
    • Description: Easily create step-by-step tech tutorials.
    • Price: Free Starter, $16/mo Pro
  6. MidJourney:
    • Use-case: AI-Generated Images
    • Description: Create high-quality, AI-generated images for your content.
    • Price: Basic $10, Standard $30