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How to Create a $$ Making
Digital Product in 10 Days

(...and set it up to sell on Day 11)

The #1 problem people say is keeping them from making money is that they don’t know what to create. 

I’m going to make that easy for you. 


The 10-Day eBook Challenge

Here's what you'll get done:

Step 1: Choose a money making niche (or validate the one you’ve already chosen).

Step 2: Choose a topic for your eBook that people will be willing to spend money on. 

Step 3: Spend the next 10 days outlining and writing your eBook.

Step 4: Set it up to sell.

We'll walk you through...

Unlocking Your Niche

Your niche is more than just the topic you talk about. 

It’s the people who are also interested in what you talk about AND are willing to pay you money to improve in that thing you talk about.

The money part is important!

Step 1 will help you make sure you’ve got a money making niche.

Finding the Outcome

What is your eBook going to help someone achieve?

Will they be willing to pay money to get that improvement your eBook is offering?

Is your idea going to FIT into an eBook?

Find out in Step 2.

Writing the Book

10 days doesn’t seem like a long time, but when you’ve nailed the first two steps, you’ll be surprised at how fast it can go.

Even if you have a full-time job and limited time to yourself.

In Step 3 you’ll spend day 1 outlining and days 2-10 writing with daily doses of motivation, accountability and writing tips.

You Got It Wrong

Most people severely overestimate what is needed to create a digital book that they can sell.

They imagine months of research or even years of experience.

But the reality is that anyone, yes that includes you, can write a book in less than 10 days and put it up for sale.

You just need an easy system to follow.

The Problem...

You think too big. You think a book has to be comprehensive around a topic.

That you need to dive in super deep so the reader gets to know everything about the subject.

That means you spend way too much time doing stuff that isn’t going to help you finish the book or make money from it.

What Makes It Worse...

Because you continue to waste time you continue to waste opportunities to write new books.

You could write 2-3 books a month to sell.

Instead, you’re sitting on an idea for years.

How to Fix It...

Use the motivation and resources that come with the challenge to choose the niche and the outcome that will appeal to your audience.

That means in 10 days you’re going to have a book ready that people will actually want to buy. 

And you’ll be ready to get started on your next one.


The 10-Day eBook Challenge

Write Your $$ Making Digital Product in 10 Days

What‘s Inside?

Finding Your Niche Guide

Whether you know your niche or not you’ll want to make sure it’s the one that you can make money in.

Otherwise, what’s the point of doing this?

You’ll learn what really makes a niche and how you can rise to the top.

400+ Niche Ideas

Here are 400 money-making niches that you can dive into if you just want to make sure that you’re on the right path.

You can choose your own, but some people like to have a little bit of help.

And that’s okay.

Find Your Book Idea

If you’re going to write a book in 10 days then you’re going to need an idea for that book.

Here you’ll learn how to find the right idea for your book so you don’t overwhelm yourself and make sure that you do write something that people want.


  • Video workshops to walk you through everything from niche, to outcome to formatting your final book
  • Step by step instructions on creating a custom template for your eBook
  • Daily email prompts to keep you motivated and focused for the 10 Days
  • Access to our community so that you can ask all your questions

And a Special Bonus...

What Do You Do When You’re Done with the Book?!?

The last thing I want is for you to write this eBook and then be left wondering how exactly you’re supposed to make it available for people to buy. 

So I found a simple (and free!) way for you to set your eBook up with a check out page, payment processor and email service provider.

Because you don’t want to get stuck worrying about the technology! 

This click by click ConvertKit tutorial will have you ready to actually take payments from your audience as soon as your book is done!

The eBook Challenge Community & Walkthroughs

You won’t be taking this journey alone. You’ll get access to the Pocket Business community where you’ll get insight from people that have done the Challenge before you. Including me!

You have a support system that will walk you through everything and celebrate your wins.

You Just Need ONE Thing...

To make money online you need to offer people something.

If you don’t have that something then everything else that you’re doing goes to waste.

You can either have a sellable asset ready for your audience in 2 weeks or you can try to figure out how you’re going to make money 2 months from now.

The truth is when you have a digital asset in your portfolio, you give yourself a shot and that’s what matters.

Hey that's great Amy! Did anything else happen once you were done with the book?

That's what I'm talking about!


Can I really write a book in 10 days?

Yes. Can I guarantee that you’ll do it?


I can’t sit down and write it for you, but you’ll unlock all of the tools needed to make it happen.

Some people take 15 days. Some take 20.

Do I only have 10 days to access the material?

No. You’ll always have access to the material, but it’s formatted to show you how to complete a book in 10 days.

You can take as long as you want though.

Does this work for fiction books?

This is about creating information products.

Each strategy focuses around that so while you might be able to do this for a fiction book, it’s not really meant for that.

I'm Your Host, Marybeth

Not long ago, I was exactly where you are. 

I wanted to see if I could make money online in some way and I knew digital products were a great way to do that. 

But I didn’t know if I could do it. 

This Challenge is the step by step instruction and motivation I needed then, but couldn’t find. 

I can’t wait to see your book when it’s done!