Creating Your $$ Making
Digital Product Doesn't Have to Be So Difficult

I’ve watched people struggle with wondering what digital product to make that will actually make money, whether they have the technical skills to make one and how to simply just GET STARTED.

So I created a guide that will help with all of those roadblocks. 

Here’s what you get:

  • The 5 Best Digital Products for beginners to start with
  • How to know which is right for your idea
  • Simple technology solutions to start with
  • A workbook for you to begin outlining your first digital infoproduct


I’m Marybeth! I’ve helped hundreds of women (and a few men 😀) create money making digital products. 

You’re here because you’re ready to start yours, too!

And I’m ready to help. 

How I Can Help

Three ways you can get started...

The FREE Digital Product Roadmap

These are the five best digital products to start with plus a workbook to start outlining YOURS!

The Digital Product Bootcamp

Not sure what to write about that people will spend $$ on?

The challenge will help you pick a money making topic and an eBook can be written in as little as 10 Days so you are ready to make money quickly!

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Digital Sales Optimizer

If your digital product is set up to sell but you’re just not making sales, this is for you.

Step by step optimizations you can make so that you start seeing some money come in!